Public Health

Protecting with an environmental awareness.

3F Innovation’s ambitions in the field of public health are to protect man and the environment as efficiently as possible against the various pest insects that carry diseases (mainly mosquitoes and ticks).

In a logic of sustainable development, 3F Innovation develops formulations and eco-designed products targeted to specific problems (protection of textiles by impregnation, protection of the skin by spraying, management of standing waters by immersion of a plant-based anti-larvae material, etc…)

Vector control against mosquitoes, a case study.

Example concerning the anti-mosquito larvae, this makes it possible to respond to two distinct problems: on the one hand, the possibility for individuals to access an innovative product effective for up to 4 months (whereas the natural substance (protein) is effective for a maximum of 3 weeks in the initial state)

Moreover, this product is entirely biodegradable. But it does not stop there, 3F technologies will allow the development of other innovative product concepts to improve the protection of people