Human health

3F INNOVATION has also developed a solution of fixation on filtering media of an active substance approved at the European level with a very broad spectrum of efficacy with virucidal, bactericidal, fungicidal and algicidal properties, including SARS-CoV2 /COVID-19.

As fixed on a filter fabric (e.g. anti-Covid masks), the active substance is non-mobile and always bioavailable. The active substance fixed on the material remains effective even after 20 or 30 machine washes (ISO 6330 standard). Irritation and skin sensitization tests have demonstrated the safety of this device.

The development of this type of innovative product on other textile products (e.g. gowns, mesh hair cap, used in health or food processing) or other filtering media (e.g. air filtration: hospitals but also buildings, vehicles, trains, airplanes…) is possible.