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With 3F Innovation, multiply the efficacy of active molecules, lower your costs while preserving man and the environment.

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Functionality of long-term support by grafting active molecules

Graft to last

Grafting active molecules to a support represent a major innovation in the field of biochemistry. Thanks to this unique in the world process, it is from now on possible to control the remanence and efficiency of active substances. With 3F Innovation, you master their long-lasting.

This solution, called the “functionality of support” allows you to detain the active molecules in a reservoir fixed to the support surface to make the product more resistant to exterior influences (friction, washing, the wind, etc). Paired with 3F Innovation technologies, increase the efficacy of your product in an exponential fashion and regain control over its operating life.

Unlike micro-encapsulation and other fixing methods used on the market, 3F Innovation allows you to make real savings on the raw material and the manufacturing methods. Thanks to 3F Innovation, the quantity of active molecules is reduced, the efficacy is multiplied and the health of man and his environment are protected.

  • Developed as a water-based solution, it is non-toxic and non-pollutant.

  • Easy to use, a single vaporisation of the product is enough to graft the molecules onto the support.

  • With its high level of adaptability, this method can be used for the majority of active molecules.

  • The solution is adapted to the functionality of all porous supports.

Innovation makes the difference

Compared to existing products on the market (e.g. micro-encapsulation) which have a limited efficacy and are subjected to environmental conditions, an active substance using the 3F Innovation solution sees its operating life multiplied on its support regardless of exterior influences. This occurs starting with the first “wash”.

The fixing of active molecules by grafting allows you to minimise their loss over time and preserve their efficacy.

At immersion

After 1 day

3F Innovation, innovate to preserve

Specialist researchers from different domains have pooled their knowledge of chemical functionality, as well as in human and veterinary science. Engaged in the protection of man and the environment, they are creating the 3F Innovation solution allowing you to optimise the quantities of active materials while improving their efficacy.

At the heart of the three frontiers, a pool of scientific innovation, 3F Innovation benefits from the support and combined knowledge from France, Germany and Switzerland.

3F Innovation - Fixation bio-chimie

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